The Monochrome Baby brand was born on February 2018. 


Started by  RJ, a first time mummy to little Andrei.. the inspiration and the individual of which this whole brand is built around.

The end of my maternity leave was closing in fast and I didn’t anticipate how quick little humans grew! I wasn’t ready to leave him to go back to work yet so I knew I had to come up with something. I figured since I loved everything monochrome so much that I would stick to what I knew. After 2 and a half weeks of sleepless nights conceptualising and doing the initial groundwork, I took the plunge and opened! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I love what I do and the best part is I get to watch my son grow as I do it. 

Since starting the business I continue to have such an overwhelming amount of love and support! I am truly blessed. I appreciate each and everyone of you who support my little business as you are not just supporting my brand but you are also supporting my dream. I aspire to grow this brand as I watch my little boy grow as well, after all he is the reason why this brand was created. My Monochrome Baby.. 

This is for you Andrei. 

I love you, son. ❤